Trevenson's Botanist Brand

When Trevenson Moor was first created, the founders had a vision to stock only selected lines, creating a boutique style garden centre with a strongly stylise aesthetic. Products were chosen on their attributes to elements such as quality or eco-conscious design. 

Trevenson’s Botanist has been created as a brand to call out these products of particular merit. The Trevenson’s Botanist brand is also home to our services that make your customer experience unique, such as our membership scheme, our workshops and our journal. 


botanist products

A selection of products chosen for their attributes to elements such as quality or eco-conscious design within the Botanist brand
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Trevenson's Botanist


Join our Trevenson's Botanist membership scheme where, as a member you will earn points on the majority of purchases*, have access to exclusive offers, discounts and priority booking for workshops.

Enhance and customise your membership, with our bolt-on upgrades. Each offering targeted benefits on select lines.

Defining Quality

Trevenson's Botanist

A signature collection of products and services encompassing the founding principles of Trevenson Moor.

Botanist's Workshops