Tehidy, Cornwall


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Your Visit

We look forward to welcoming you to Trevenson Moor Garden Centre.  We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of quality plants, garden tools and beautiful homeware.

We are dog friendly but do ask that you keep your dogs on a lead and in control at all times.

Although we are an open and welcome garden centre for all, we do consider ourselves to have a boutique feel with many beautiful and breakable items.  We rely on customer cooperation to avoid breakages.

We have a Coffee Corner in our greenhouse where you can relax and have a hot drink and cake.  When it gets a little colder we even have some blankets to keep your legs warm! 

We are a non smoking site.

Our shop and cafe is open

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

We also now have some temporary toilets on site for customers which will be replaced with permanent toilets in our new restaurant!

To find our the latest on our future, click here.


Hot Drinks Menu


Espresso Espresso shot served with a glass of cold water £2.80
Americano Espresso and hot water served black £3.00
Americano with a Side Espresso and hot water served with a side of milk £3.00
Cappuccino Espresso base topped with steamed milk foam £3.30
Flat White Espresso shot topped with microfoam steamed milk with fine bubbles resulting in a velvety consistency £3.30
Latte Espresso and steamed milk £3.30
Mocha Chocolate and espresso with steamed milk £3.50
Babychino Steamed milk £2.00

Decaf Coffee is available


Espresso Shot £0.50
Syrup Shot £0.50
Hot Coffee


St Piran's Tea Blends Served black or with milk on the side £2.80
Cornish Breakfast
Earl Grey
Lemon & Ginger
Red Berry


St Piran's Hot Chocolate Chocolate blended with steamed milk £3.40
Luxury St Piran's Hot Chocolate Chocolate blended with steamed milk and served with cream and marshmallows £3.70
Vegan Luxury Hot Chocolate Dark Chocolate blended with a choice of soya or oat milk and served with dairy-free cream £3.70
Hot Chocolate


We do our best when it comes to allergens, however, we prepare these drinks in an environment where allergens are present and cannot guarantee any drink 100% free of any allergen.

If you want a gluten-free drink, just let us know, as most of the menu is naturally gluten-free.  We can also advise with dairy-free options.  We have Soya, Almond and Oat Milk available as alternatives.


Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Cola £1.90
Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Lemonade £1.90
Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Elderflower £1.90
CanOWater Sparkling £1.00
CanOWater Still £1.00



We have a tasty selection of cakes and try to make sure we always have Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options.