Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs

Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs

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A mix containing heavy hardwoods like beech, oak and hornbeam, these heat kiln dried logs provide a fast, superior heat like no other.  Ideal for outdoor cooking.

Firewood is an excellent way to heat your home, save money and live sustainably. Super-dense and slow-burning, you can quickly and efficiently create a roaring fire to warm your home or cook your favourite food. 

These premium dried logs are available in various package sizes to meet your fire-burning needs. So whether you need dried firewood logs for fireplaces, wood burners or campfires, choose Green Olive Firewood to level up your sustainable living. 

What else is there to love?

  • Long-burning dense hardwood logs
  • Minimal moisture – below 20%
  • Ethically sourced in the UK
  • Affordable & Sustainable
  • Registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)
  • Strong, enduring heat
  • Toxic-free
  • Low smoke & soot emissions
  • Maintains natural food flavour
  • Hand-cut into various sizes
  • A renewable energy source for homes & businesses
  • Sustainably kiln-dried
  • Ideal for open fireplaces and wood-burning stoves


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