Rocket Gro Multi Purpose Compost with John Innes 40L

Rocket Gro Multi Purpose Compost with John Innes 40L

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A nutrient-rich Peat-free Multi-Purpose Compost for Organic growers.

Our superior blend compost is the perfect mix for gardeners wanting a high quality professional standard product with which to use in their Pots, Containers, Window Boxes, Planters & Hanging Baskets, and for planting out. Our tried and tested balance of natural substrates will genuinely give you superior results. Finely graded texture that makes it a joy to work with, and so full of nutrients and supportive fibre that you will see amazing results. If sowing seeds, planting cuttings or pricking out seedlings, or planting tiny plug plants, you will see even better results using our Seed & Cutting Compost to first.

Now with added Organic Fertiliser Superfood for an upfront 10 week feed for extra special results!

Key Benefits:

  • 100% chemical-free and peat-free
  • 100% Organic approved
  • Rich in bio-active microbes
  • Perfect balance of nutrients & N:P:K 3-1-3
  • Optimum air pockets for your plant roots
  • Ideal water retaining natural fibre addition
  • Slow feeds for 3 months

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