Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal

Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal

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‘An Immediate Flame for Grilling Charcoal or Starting Your Cook’

  • Sustainable Woods Coated in Natural Wax
  • Small Lump Pieces – Size Starts as 2-10cm
  • Convenient & Quick Heat for the BBQ (1hr+)
  • For the Enthusiast, Novice or Firelighter
  • Use for Grilling or as the Fire Lighter

It’s all About the Flavour!

Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal is quick and easy to use for outdoor charcoal BBQ grills. Place one of the inner bags per packet onto the charcoal grill and light using a long match or utility lighter. The lumpwood lights easily every time, quickly producing a flame and getting up to cooking temperature fast.

If you’ve never used a grill before, you might find the process intimidating. But with our instant light lumpwood charcoal that doesn’t have to be the case if you know where to start. Our BBQ experts have put together a quick start guide for your BBQ. The first step in the barbecuing process is to load your grill with charcoal.


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