Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack Fire Pit
Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack Fire Pit

Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack Fire Pit

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The Plain Jane with our unique Swing Arm BBQ Rack is the ultimate multi-tasker. The Swing Arm BBQ Rack gives unparalleled control when it comes to cooking – meaning char-grilled need no longer mean charred. The rack is completely removable when you’ve finished cooking, and then our Plain Jane focuses on keeping you warm and the atmosphere gorgeous, day or night.


50cm (up to 4 people)

3mm Steel, Depth: 14cm, Height: 37cm, Swing Arm: 43cm


70cm (up to 8 people)

3mm Steel, Depth: 19.5cm, Height: 50cm, Swing Arm: 50cm


90cm (up to 12 people) with 2 Swing Arm Racks

A cooking masterpiece attachments for three Swing Arm BBQ Racks to allow for generous and creative catering.  Two Swing Arm BBQ Racks included.

3mm Steel, Depth: 25cm, Height: 50cm, Swing Arm: 1x 36cm and 1x 50cm


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